Sharing Tips with Professionals

For my project, I selected Ma’am Sumaira Mudassar, the group editor at MORE magazine because I’ll be working as a writer with MORE magazine from March. The second professional I chose was, Sir Faraz Ali Ansari, the Sr. manager public relations at Bridge Public Relations.
I sent an email to Mam Sumaira explaining her about my project. She replied that she’ll call when she is free. After a few hours she called, firstly she asked a few questions about my project. I told her about Amal and the 6 tips by sir Sohail Rizvi sb:

Tip 1: Put your time in: Everyone starts out doing grunt work till trust is proven
Tip 2: Don’t talk badly about the company or about your boss
Tip 3: Take control of your relationship with your boss and team members
Tip 4: Find a mentor and manage the relationship strategically
Tip 5: Join a professional body and build your network
Tip 6: Embrace change and reflect on what you are learning daily

and asked her if she can give me some feedback on any of these 3 tips.

She said, “ Well as far as the first tip is concerned most of our employees are writers. For writers, we take demo articles before hiring someone but once a person is hired he is given solid work.

There are no trust issues. When a person is writing something, obviously he knows his duty and will make sure to fulfill it.
Second, It’s very important to build a healthy working relationship with all your colleagues and especially the boss. It will keep you content and satisfied with your job
Talking about the third tip she said: “ In our profession mentor is the key to your success because one can’t be a successful writer without an honest feedback and emotional support of his mentor.
When I asked her about her life purpose she sighed and told me that she wanted to become a doctor but Allah had planned her career as a writer and Opting mass communication was difficult because of family pressure but she became rebellious and joined mass comm. She said: “I had to work very hard and smart to reach here.” Also, she wants to work for underprivileged children.

I took Sir Faraz Ali’s number from Mam Sumaira. She told me to text him first. As instructed I texted him first but didn’t get a response for two days.
Finally, when I called him on Friday he was very generous. I asked him to give me feedback on three tips.

Talking about the first one, he said, “ obviously talking behind someone’s back has very negative impacts on your career life. Why someone will like to work with you if you are backbiting. And talking against the boss is like inviting the bull.
As he is a specialist in PR so he talked about joining any professional body and building the network. He said extra efforts that show your passion always pay off. Also, attending seminars and discussions polish your skills and boost your professional growth. About the last tip, he said “embracing change and using it as learning opportunity is very important. You have to get out of your comfort zone to be successful at a job place.

His life purpose is to create an online voice for autism to educate parents, teachers, and patients about the latest developments and coping strategies as his son has autism. He told me that he has been actively working on it for the past few years. And that people do not give space to these children and Acceptance is, of course, more crucial than awareness.

He said: “But how can that outside of autism community accept what they do not know? How can they understand what we do not tell them? Had I never laid out what sensory overload looks like, our friends may have thought he was just weird or a brat. Had I not explained that aggression can be part of one of his meltdowns, they may have thought he was just aggressing to get his way. Had I not explained his rigidity and need for meeting expectations, their feelings may have been hurt when he yelled for more presents.”
I wrote thank you messages and emails to both of these professionals. Ma’am Sumaira replied but Sir Faraz has not replied yet.



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